About Us

Jezreel is a Consultancy Company registered in Glasgow, Scotland. We seek to provide support to individuals and organisations.

Our services include the provision of personal development workshops, employability, and enterprise workshops, intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial skills, management, and leadership skills and project management.

We aim to provide a platform for mentoring and networking opportunities. Our innovative ‘Freelance hub’ seeks to bridge the gap between the demand and supply of skills, whilst promoting collaboration and partnership.

This is very essential as organisations are increasingly seeking to outsource parts of their work in the bid to reduce the costs associated with brick and mortar, traditional business models.

We carry out social and market research which could inform decision making and policy change.

  • Our network includes international and local organisations
  • Our training is based on the current needs of our clients
  • We provide corporate training on a number of soft skills
  • We offer research tools and analytics that assist enterprises
About Us
About Us