Our Team

Dr Thelma Okey-Adibe

(Lead Consultant)

Dr Thelma Okey-Adibe is the founder of Jezreel Consultancy LTD.

She is passionate about empowering individuals, communities, and organisations as a means to improving general wellbeing.

Thelma has supported over 100 community organisations, formed strategic relationships and networks across demographics, communities, and sectors.

She recently received the much coveted award- Heart of Glasgow Award in recognition of her contribution to community development. In addition to being a researcher, Thelma is an Associate Lecturer at Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland where she equips students with relevant skill sets.

She has over 10 years of banking experience and a wealth of expertise in several areas including corporate, retail, Islamic and commercial banking.

Thelma has a PhD in Accounting and Finance, focusing on Microfinancing and Financial Inclusion, a Master’s degree in Business Administration, a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science as well as a Post Graduate Certificate in Research Methods, with a bias for qualitative research.

Dr Osamuyiwen Enabulele

(Head of Research, Policy & Strategy)

Dr. Osamuyimen Enabulele earned his PhD from Glasgow Caledonian University's Department of Law, Economics, Accountancy, and Risk.

He is a socio-legal researcher who studies law, legal phenomena, and their interactions with the rest of society using an interdisciplinary approach.

Employing methodologies from both the social sciences and humanities to conduct research.

He is a legal practitioner and has worked at some of the ‘Big Four’ largest professional services networks.

Dr Enabulele has a multi-disciplinary teaching and research interests bordering on law, accountability, sustainable development, and how these have wider policy implications for the modern society.

Manasa Prasad


Manasa is a learning & development specialist with over seven years’ experience of in the field of Education, teaching and training.

Her areas of expertise include Teacher Education, Educational Psychology, Organisational Psychology, behavioural skills, and Human Resource training.

Manasa’s research interests include Social Intelligence, Cultural Competence and Classroom discipline strategies.

She is passionate about young people, empowering them to be work ready and to thrive in an ever changing world.

Manasa has a first degree in Education, an MPhil Education, MSc in Psychology, MA English and is currently pursuing a PhD in Education.

Omolade Folorunsho

(Financial Education Champion)

Omolade is a certified financial education instructor. With a first degree in Food science and Technology, she is very passionate about the wellbeing of individuals especially children and young adults.

Omolade believes there is a relationship between financial capability and general wellbeing.

Therefore, there is the need to teach financial education from early years, understanding how financial decisions could impact their lives, now and into the future.

Adebimpe Ademosu

(Financial Education Champion )

Adebimpe is a certified financial education instructor. With a first degree in Food Bio-Science and an MSc in Social Policy.

She is an experienced work coach, working with individuals and groups to achieve personal financial and career goals. She adopts a problem solving and solution-focused approach to provide the best experience for clients.

Adebimpe supports individuals to achieve, and maintain a healthy financial, career and life balance.

Yetunde Onifade

(Employability Officer)

Yetunde is a certified life coach. With a BSc in and an MSc in Risk management from Glasgow Caledonian University, she is very passionate about employability.

Yetunde works as a work coach, supporting individuals towards obtaining and maintaining a work-life balance necessary for general and optimal wellbeing.

She works with young individuals and adults.

Segun Ibigbemi

(Business Analyst)

Segun is a business analyst with several years of experience in diverse sectors including, Healthcare, Academia, Fintech, Construction, Engineering, and Oil & Gas/Energy services.

Having worked over the years in various capacities across the globe and performed several business analysis cum project management functions, he has acquired and developed an extensive range of experience and is equipped to support any organisation regardless of structure, demographics, and outcome areas.

Segun worked with the Scottish Government Social Security Directorate as a senior business analyst.

He has also worked with NHS Scotland eHealth (Strategy & Programmes), NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, Glasgow as a senior Business Analyst/Project Lead.

Segun has a BEng (Hons) in Land Surveying, MSc in Risk Management, MSc in Geoinformation Technology & Cartography, and MSc in Surveying with Geographic Information. Additionally, he has a Certificate in Project Management (PRINCE 2 Foundation).

Ayola Jaiyesimi

(Financial Education Champion)

Ayola is a certified financial Education instructor. With a BSc in microbiology and an MSc in Biotechnology from Glasgow Caledonian University, she is very passionate about data management.

Ayola has a Simplilearn master’s in data science in collaboration with IBM. Her goal is to train individuals in financial literacy, as well as big data analytics.

Uwa Cole

(Financial Education Champion)

Uwa is a certified financial education instructor. She is passionate about financial capability especially for adults.

Uwa seeks to impact lives positively, by adopting a holistic approach.

This will ensure that individuals are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge required to make rational, financial decisions.

Michelle Amoah

(Life Coach)

Michelle is a certified life coach. She is an undergraduate, studying Biomedical Science Student at Strathclyde University.

She has very strong leadership and interpersonal skills.

Michelle has built very strong connections with young people. She has recently been placed on the Ethnic Minority Emerging Leaders Programme as an intern, a professional and personal development programme to train people from diverse and marginalised/underrepresented groups interested in public service.

Michelle aims to mentor young people towards maximising their potentials.

Grace Iyoha

(Life Coach)

Grace is a certified life coach. With a first degree in Biological sciences and a Masters in Energy and Environmental management.

She is a PhD researcher in Glasgow Caledonian University. With a strong passion for skills development, entrepreneurship, and working with young children and teenagers, Grace supports young people and provides relevant skill sets relevant for modern life.

She has great interpersonal skills, and her goal is to transfer these skills to the next generation.